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  • Launched the first website in the MENA region that provides map-based driving directions (Dubai EZ Guide in 2001).
  • Launched the first WAP mapping application in MENA in Cooperation with Etisalat (UAE EZ Guide 2003).
  • Launched one of the first PDA –based navigation system In MENA (EasyNav for UAE in 2004).
  • Partner with STC and KACST in the launch of "Mahlola", one of the first LBS projects in Saudi Arabia.
  • First Mobile Mapping project in MENA, in cooperation with Tele Atlas and KACST (For Saudi Ministry of Transport 2007 – 2009).
  • First navigation solution on smart phones in Egypt in cooperation with JoviTronix (For Vodafone 2009).
  • One of Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) partners in the launch of Dalili (First Real Time Traffic Info Navigation system in MENA – Oct 2010).
  • First navigation system in Iraq.