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Management Team

Dr Saad A. AlMubayedh, Founder & CEO

Dr AlMubayedh has been working in the area of IT in transportation for more than 25 years. He was a faculty member in King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia from 1991 till 2006, where he taught graduate courses, and conducting research in different areas in IT applications in Transportation, GIS, and related areas. In 1999, Dr AlMubayedh founded THTC in Dubai to work on digital map making, navigation, and related areas. He pioneered the work on navigation in GCC countries and has provided consulting/advising services to a number of governmental and private agencies in GCC.

Dr AlMubayedh obtained a B.S in Civil Engineering form KFUPM in Dhahran Saudi Arabia in 1981, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Transportation), 1984 and a Master of Urban Planning (MUP), 1985 from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington (USA), and a Ph.D.  in Civil Engineering (Transportation Planning), 1991 from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (USA).


Mr Azam G. Hussain, Manager, Production

He has been working on development of Geo-Technical and Geo-databases for the past 9 years. He joined THTC in 2001 as a Lead GIS Surveyor, and has been promoted to higher posts until he became the Manager of Production Department in 2008. Mr Hussain was a key member in a number of GIS related projects like, GIS Surveys, design and creation of Geo-Databases, GIS SW Development, Mobile Mapping, Navigation SW, …etc. Under his supervision many Geo-databases for many countries in ME were created and maintained.

Mr Azam Hussain has a BSc. degree in Geo-Informatics from MidKent University UK. He also obtained a number of specialized GIS training courses from Tele Atlas (TomTom).


Mr Sanad A. AlHashimi, Manager, Projects

He Is working with THTC since 2002. Presently, he is the Manager of Projects Department. Prior to that he assumed many responsibilities where he started as Lead GIS Surveyor, then as Team Leader, Assistance Project Manager, and Project Manager. Mr. Al Hashimi expertise is in GIS Surveys, Geo-Database creation and maintenance, navigation, Real Time Traffic Information, TMC Table creation, and customer support.

Mr. Al Hashimi has a Bsc. degree in Geo-Informatics from MidKent College University of Kent UK. He also obtained a number of specialized GIS training courses from Tele Atlas (TomTom).


Mr Tahir Khan, CTO

Tahir Khan has been leading the development of mobile applications and location based content for the last 8 years. He is currently focused on the research & development of new mobile applications and platforms. His experience includes consulting engagements with major telecoms, retail brands and Fortune 500 companies.
He has a Bsc Honors in Computer Science from York University, Toronto. His current interests include indoor positionng, indoor navigation and augmented reality and loves converting new ideas into products.