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THTC provides quality GIS data for all Gulf Cooperation Council - GCC. The major data layers include roads, administrative boundaries, thousands of Point of Interests (POI) and those datasets are bilingual (English & Arabic).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play an increasingly important role in the management of homeland security, defense, infrastructure, natural resources, land parcels, transportation, rural & urban planning, public health and more.

Geospatial applications can help businesses in identifying suitable store locations, in managing a fleet of vehicles, in planning a marketing strategy etc. Besides, these applications have become a critical part of our individual lifestyle through personal navigation systems, Trip planning software etc.  In a nutshell, the geospatial applications provide location intelligence to business organizations and individuals.

Location-Based Services Solutions

THTC offers location-based services (LBS) solutions to start or enhance your LBS business. Our Location Solutions support the generation and distribution of location information and provide state-of-the-art LBS applications. Both consumers and enterprise users can benefit from the functionalities included in Telecommunication Systems’ location solution, because we provision all aspects of the LBS value chain backed by our LBS experience.

  • Partner with STC and KACST in the launch of "Mahlola", one of the first LBS projects in Saudi Arabia.