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Smart Phones – Apps

Watch it !! is an App intended to enhance traffic safety through informing drives in UAE about the speed limit of the roads they are driving on and alerting them when over speeding. It also alerts drivers when approaching schools. 

The Premium Version of the App also includes accurate and updated information about the location of Speed Cameras all over the UAE.

Watch it!! differentiates itself from similar Apps by the accuracy, update, and comprehensiveness of the Speed Limit and Speed Cameras information in the whole UAE.  A dedicated team of developers and surveyors, whose sole job is to keep the database completely up-to-date, work around the clock to make sure users get the best possible information.

This App, or any other one, shall not distract you from driving with due care and attention.  You shall abide by all official relevant Rules and Regulations.

The App requires Internet to work properly. When Watch It !! Application is running, you will still be able to make and receive phone calls on your Smartphone.

Real-Time Traffic Information - Making your commute better

As navigation systems become more and more popular, many people are discovering the fun and utility of using real-time traffic information services. These services, which work in a growing numbers in GCC & MENA region, help keep you up-to-date on traffic conditions along routes you've programmed into your navigation system. They warn you of specific traffic incidents, including accidents and construction, which usually gives you time to adjust your route and avoid getting stuck in traffic jams.

Traffic Information Services

How does it work?

Real-time traffic data is compiled by THTC & TOM TOM, traffic-information provider and this information is compiled and delivered via 3G internet to your navigation system.

The traffic information comes from a variety of sources, including commercial traffic data providers, Departments of Transportation, Sensors etc. THTC & TOM TOM works together to deliver accurate representation of traffic data on the map displays.

 As you drive, your system will receive and deliver alerts whenever a traffic incident comes up. You'll get warning indicator on the navigator's map, which shows you where along your route the incident has occurred. Many systems will automatically suggest alternate routes that enable you to steer you clear of the incident ahead.

Traffic incidents include accidents, emergencies, construction, scheduled road closures, and traffic diversions for occasions such as sporting events. Some services even offer detailed information about traffic flow and the average speed along your programmed route in certain high-traffic areas of select cities.

What are the benefits?

Your primary benefit is time. More often than not, you'll get warnings of traffic incidents along your route with time enough to avoid them. And since you're using the traffic data in conjunction with a navigation system, you'll get suggestions for the most efficient alternate routes. And that means less time spent sitting in gridlock.