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THTC joined hand with TomTom (Previously known as Tele Atlas), the world leader in Digital Mapping data provider. THTC playing a role for Tele Atlas as Local Partner in GCC. TomTom Leasing provides latest technology Training and specifications for data collection and updating to THTC. - See more at:


We are skilled in creating Wireless Smart Cities® GOWEX reinvents and transforms your city into a Wireless Smart City, where people can enjoy free WiFi on the streets, while also improving citizen’s services, such meter readings, traffic lights management, transport fleet monitoring or live CCTV transmissions. Our goal is to reduce costs and help the citizen’s life by making public services more efficient. - See more at:

Space Imaging Middle East

THTC has strategic partnership with world leader Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) to use their most latest and updated satellite images. - See more at:


THTC formed a strategic alliance with GEWI (Germany) to work on Traffic Information Business in the ME. The two companies were partners to Dubai Road & Transport Authority in the Navigation solution with Traffic Information in the ME - See more at:


THTC formed a partnership with Geo Logix (Switzerland) to work on preparation of TMC Tables - See more at:


TBU is a sister Company to International Marketing Services (IMS), IMS was established in 1982 by Al Rais Group of Companies, which is one of the largest Trading and Contracting Company in the United Arab Emirates. It successfully runs business segments such as Telecommunication Services, Real Estate, Household Products, Electrical and Electronic Items, Trading, Travel Agency and Cargo Shipping. Wherein ITBU is the Specialist Company in the Group for GPS Devices and solutions, Consumer Electronics, Satellite TV and Mobile Communications Technology. ITBU is the official distributor for many product lines in the Middle East region. It established a solid wholesale and retail channel which satisfies its partners, customers and ensures achieving its goals. Mio GPS is one of the main brands that has been distributed exclusively by IMS all over the GCC region and north Africa; Mio is one of the leading players in the mobile GPS industry. With cutting-edge products for people on the go, Mio has become the leading with mobility, navigation, quality and innovation. See more at:


A subsidiary of MiTAC International Corp, Mio Technology develops and markets products which enable users to get the most from the latest car GPS navigation mobile system services. The brand was established in May 2002 and now has operations in Taiwan, mainland China, Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Mio currently employees 1,700+ employees worldwide and sells and markets its products in over 56 countries and territories. It is Mio’s, prediction that mobile life and mobile business will be the mainstay of life in the future. Its products and services, including Personal Navigation Device (PND), GPS TV, GPS Phone and Mobile Internet Devices (MID), have been developed by focusing on the needs of customers. Mio’s brand tag line, “Explore More”, focuses on changing the way people experience the world and lets users know that they can explore the world easily and freely. Mio have – in only a few years – become one of the leading players in the mobile GPS industry, bringing mobility, navigation, and quality to an ever-growing audience all over the world. Mio’s audiences are highly likely to travel; magazines have a global circulation; the Internet makes information accessible to anyone, anywhere. Building a strong and consistent The Mio brand presents itself as a user-focused provider of great customer experiences. It has helped Mio to become recognized, respected, and trusted throughout the world and, as such, contributes to establishing Mio as a strong market leader and the leading brand in the markets we operate. See more at: