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Indoor Navigation Application

Our mobile navigation software provides turn by turn walking directions inside large buildings like malls, airports, exhibition halls, museums and any campus. A user can search for closest facility (ATM, Washroom, Emergency Exit, etc) or select a store/ POI they are interested in and the application will calculate the path from their current location to the intended destination.

They will be able to see turn by turn instructions on reaching their destination and also a path on an interactive map between their origin and destination. The guide will also handle multi-floor routes and allow the user to avoid escalators and travel only by elevators in the case of people with baby strollers or shopping carts. The main features of the application are:

- Where Am I?
Locates the user's current location using our indoor positioning system and displays it on a map of the mall.

- Walking Directions
Gives turn by turn walking directions between any two points inside a building with options to avoid escalator.

- POI Directory
Provides a browse-able directory of all points of interest. The user can browse by category, go though an alphabetical listing or search by name.

- Closest Facility (Washroom, ATM, Exit)
Based on the user's current location guides them to the closest facility they are interested in.

- Interactive Map
Interactive floorplan of the building where a user can scroll around and click and zoom POIs.

Indoor Positioning System

Our solution provides high accuracy positioning inside large buildings like malls, airports, exhibition halls. Inside buildings where GPS signals are weak, the system utilitizes non-GPS location detection techniques to provide high accuracy indoor positioning. The solution can be used in Mobile guides, human tracking applications and social networking and mobile advertising applications.

Augmented Reality

We develop mobile augmented reality applications and layers for Augmented Reality browsers. THTC is one of the first companies in the region to launch augmented reality layers, with a strong background in location based content and mobile applications we can create your augmented reality prescence for mobile applications, interactive guides and advertising campaigns.